From beginning to end you can create the perfect buyer’s packet complete with everything from a Modern Buyer Presentation to win over your leads, as well as a House Hunting Checklist to impress your clients.

Managing the dates and deadlines of your contracts is one of the most important (albeit unglamorous) tasks you have. Missing a critical deadline could have far reaching implications. Use these Critical Date Checklists to easily manage important tasks and deadlines all in one place.

The Critical Date Checklist works with both Buyer and Seller clients. Once a contract is accepted add all of the tasks leading up to a closing and their deadlines to the checklist. Once a task is done, add the completed date and check it off the list.

There are two checklists available, one with pre-written tasks and one without. Then, depending on the type of checklist you would like there are two download options, one is a fill-able PDF and the other should be printed out, then hand write the information and dates.

In order to create the perfect buyers packet, you will have to complete the following steps:

1) Download all of your favorite buyer documents, such as:

Real Estate Terminology

New Buyer Questionnaire

Critical Date Checklist

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